Improving Sibling Relationships
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Improving Sibling Relationships

When I was nearly eleven-years-old, my mom gave birth to my sister. I immediately fell in love with this beautiful little girl. Growing up, my sister and I were almost inseparable. However, when I married my husband eleven years ago, I had to move a long distance away from my family. Unfortunately, my relationship with my sister suffered as a result. Thankfully, we have made efforts recently to improve our relations. For instance, we began planning a surprise birthday party for our grandmother together. We also went on a fun shopping trip. If your relationship with a sibling has declined over the years, consider planning exciting activities to do with your loved one. Also, think about improving your relationship by attending counseling sessions with your brother or sister. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious ways to mend a broken relationship with a sibling. Enjoy!


Improving Sibling Relationships

How To Support Parents At A Child's Cremation Service

Lance Mccoy

Going to the cremation services for a child can be painful for acquaintances, so it may seem unfathomable to consider how the parents are coping in the immediate aftermath of the loss of a child. You may be glad that it's something you don't understand, but there are some things you can do that can provide comfort during this dark time. Here are some concrete ways to provide comfort to parents at the cremation service of their child.

Be Generous with Praise of the Child

If you knew the child personally, offer to speak at the cremation services. It can be difficult to get people to deliver speeches about a child funeral because few adults outside of immediate family members may know the child well enough to speak about them at length. If the parents aren't seeking someone to deliver a eulogy, you can still talk to them directly about your positive impressions of the child and how they left a mark on your life.

Take Care of Practical Problems

When parents attend the cremation service of a child, keep in mind they probably had to plan it and take care of a lot of details at a staggeringly difficult time. Offer to greet mourners and otherwise organize the way the services go. Step up and take care of little things that need to be done. Taking care of little practical problems that arise as the day goes on can be a huge help.

Offer Compassion

Express your condolences directly to the parents. Yes, they are likely hearing from many people during their time of mourning, but they may need every bit of compassion that others can muster to handle things. Be sincere in your words of condolences and be sure to stay clear of any common statements that attempt to making light of the loss. This is probably the worst experience of each parent's life so treat it as such.

Make Plans Beyond the Service

One thing that may bring parents a sort of temporary relief is the announcement that you plan to take care of things for them in the coming week. Knowing that they won't be forgotten by their loved ones after the cremation service can be comforting. Organize such things as two weeks' worth of meals being delivered to the family. You can do that through teaming up with their loved ones to all pick a different cooking day. You can also offer to drive the parents to and from errands or even therapy sessions. Make sure the parents know that the support they will receive extends far beyond one day.

Finally, keep in mind that every parent will grieve in their own unique way. There are no established standards of parental behavior at the cremation service. Simply try to be there for the bereft parents in any way they need and reiterate that you will be there for them far beyond the service. Simply knowing that you are there and how deeply you care can make all the difference.

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