Improving Sibling Relationships
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Improving Sibling Relationships

When I was nearly eleven-years-old, my mom gave birth to my sister. I immediately fell in love with this beautiful little girl. Growing up, my sister and I were almost inseparable. However, when I married my husband eleven years ago, I had to move a long distance away from my family. Unfortunately, my relationship with my sister suffered as a result. Thankfully, we have made efforts recently to improve our relations. For instance, we began planning a surprise birthday party for our grandmother together. We also went on a fun shopping trip. If your relationship with a sibling has declined over the years, consider planning exciting activities to do with your loved one. Also, think about improving your relationship by attending counseling sessions with your brother or sister. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious ways to mend a broken relationship with a sibling. Enjoy!


Improving Sibling Relationships

Handling Wedding Dress Costs When Your Wedding Budget Isn't Big

Lance Mccoy

The wedding dress is one of the iconic symbols in a wedding ceremony -- mere clothing it is not. It's also one of the most expensive parts of the wedding, unless you develop a strategy for finding a lower-cost dress. If you are on a really tight budget and need to find a wedding dress that looks good and that is affordable, you can do so by looking at these options.

Dress Rental

You could take a look at dress rental if you want to really lower costs. If you don't have any clothes of your own that you can substitute, such as a cocktail dress, but your budget is super-low, renting a dress for a couple of days may be your best option. Just be sure you understand the company's cleaning and damage policies and that you do your best to keep the dress in good shape.

Used, Discount, or Consignment Dresses

There's also the time-honored tradition of looking for discount dresses. This isn't a rare thing by any means; wedding dresses can be notoriously costly, and it's very common for people to look for discounted, used, or consignment dresses even if their budgets look rather healthy. Plus, if you go the used/consignment route, you're also recycling a gown and conserving resources.

Savvy Style

But what if you want a new dress and you want to keep that dress indefinitely? You don't have to limit yourself to just rentals or discounts if you know what to cut to find a less expensive dress. Start looking at dresses with two specific features -- or lack thereof. One is less material. Instead of flouncy, floofy designs that have long, trailing trains and lots of extras, look for streamlined dresses that have little to no train. Also, suggests looking for dresses that, if they have embellishments like lace, keep the embellishments under control. For example, limiting lace to the bodice instead of the full dress.

Even if your wedding is a long way off and you haven't started really thinking about the dress you want yet, go into bridal shops and ask them about the dresses they have for smaller budgets. Note any patterns you see, such as lower-cost dresses having small straps and not full sleeves, for example, and write down the missing features that you'd prefer to have. When you have a list, you can start researching prices on dresses that stick with most of the lower-budget materials, and so on, but that also have the missing features.